Welcome to Renal Care Training Institute

We are honored to have you join our efforts to provide you meaningful study while you make your transition to the profession. Thank you for choosing RCTI as the place you will be trained as a PCT professional. In addition, your professional development contributes to the therapeutic community that allows our profession to provide the necessary service to our patients. We are confident that this experience will prove to be rewarding.

A dialysis technician is a licensed paraprofessional in the health care field who assists patients with kidney disorders, disease and renal failure through the use of an advanced form of machinery commonly referred to as a dialysis machine. While there are two methods of treatment for kidney or renal disorders, a certified dialysis technician who treats patients is called a hemodialysis technician. Hemodialysis technicians obtain certification through a nationally accredited examination. Peritoneal dialysis is another form of treatment for kidney disorder or failure; however, the patient self-administers daily treatment in the privacy of her home.



Renal Care Training Institute, does not discriminate on the basis of sex, ethnic origin, age, race, color or religion in its education programs, admissions, instructions, graduation policies and other areas in which it operates and is prohibited from such discrimination by law. This practice of non discrimination also extends to employement by the school and the administration of students to programs and activities operated by the school. Federal sexual harrassment guidelines have been adopted as a part of the school policies.

Again thank you and welcome to Renal Care Training Institute.

Cheryl Gundry, RN
Head Instructor